The JakoMania Chronicles: MVCI PS4 Event #93 12/7/22


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Prize Pool

Prize Pool


Entry Fee

Entry Fee


Start Time

Tournament Starts

Tournament Format


Double elimination



Playstation 4

Number of participants

Registered Participants

4 Participants

Players per Team

Players per Team

1 Players

Prize Places

No prize pool

Tournament Organizer

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Tournament Rules

• Double Elimination


• LAN Cable Only. Wifi connections are banned!

• FT3 set (Best 3 out of 5) Winner advances, loser goes to losers bracket. If opponent lose in losers they’re eliminated.

• In Grand Finals loser must win two sets, FT3 set (Best 3 out of 5) winner must win 1 to win tournament.

• You may change teams and stones after any lose. Winners keep their team and stone.

• If the round is over and both players made no effort to contact the other player, both players will be disqualified from the tournament.

• Players that will be on stream or recorded for their match will be contacted by me.

• Easy Hyper Combos, Auto Combos, Auto Super Jump are allowed!