Raiser MSeries | Qualifier 4

Raiser MSeries | Qualifier 4

gamepad Super Smash Bros Melee
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Tournament Overview

Welcome to The Raiser MSeries

This is the first of FOUR online qualifiers.

The top four finishers from this tournament move on to compete in an invitational with a $1000 prize pool.

The schedule goes as follows…

Qualifier 1 - September 18

Qualifier 2 - October 23

Qualifier 3 - November 20

Qualifier 4 - January 1

Invitational - February 5

Good luck and thank you for supporting the community!

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

  • Join the Raiser Discord
  • Set your nickname in the server to match your Grilla tag
  • Don’t be a loser