GG Strive Season 2 Online Tournament #4 1/21/23

GG Strive Season 2 Online Tournament #4 1/21/23

gamepad Guilty Gear Strive

0 / 60 Participants



Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

  • USA/Canada Players Only

  • Hard Wired Connection

  • FT3 Set (Best 3 out of 5)

  • If your opponents doesn’t show up in 5 mins, they will be DQ and you get the win.

  • Untamed Gaming is committed to making our events an engaging and pleasant experience.

-Though friendly ‘trash talk’ is allowed, we do not condone or allow personal attacks, harassment, hate speech, offensive slurs, or threats of any kind.

  • Any violations will result in an initial warning. Further violations will result in a timeout or ban at Untamed Gamings discretion. (Severe violations will result in instant ban)

  • Though we embrace the culture of competitive video gaming, we monitor our events to ensure we are giving the best possible experience for our viewers and competitors.

  • Collusion: In the event of players are found colluding or purposely performing at lower than potential and influencing tournament results. UG will follow strikes policy via judges evaluation.

  • 1st Strike: Players will be given a verbal warning and will not acquire any points for the tournament

  • 2nd Strike: Players will no longer be a part of able to complete at any UG events. All the points that was earned during this event will be voided.