Blue's Fight Pit - The Celestial Fight Pit #16

Blue's Fight Pit - The Celestial Fight Pit #16

gamepad Guilty Gear Strive
users 3 / 64 Participants

Live Stream

Matches & Results

Double elimination Stage

Upper Bracket R1

Upper Bracket Final

Grand Final


Lower Bracket R1

Lower Bracket Final


Tournament Overview

Blue’s Fight Pit: The Celestial Fight Pit #16

Tournament Format

  • Double-elimination bracket.
  • FT3 throughout the tournament

Registration, Check-in, and more…

  • All tournament participants must join the Fight Pit Discord and be available an hour before the tournament starts for check-in and orientation.
  • Assign yourself the appropriate tournament role in the #roles-selection channel on the Fight Pit Discord
  • Failing to Join the Discord Server will result in a disqualification!!!

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Tournament Rundown

  • @Sub-boss and @Boss will call out the matches on #tournament-chat. Do not start playing without instructions from the @Sub-boss
    • Matches before Top 8 will not be streamed unless you are called to play on stream. Do not play your match off-stream if you are selected.
    • All Matches on Top 8 will be streamed.
  • You are required to message your opponent and mutually decide who is inviting who to the match. You can find your opponent by tagging them using their user name as it should match their Discord name. Failure to respond to your opponent can result in disqualification at the Admin’s discretion.
    • Players have within 10 minutes max to respond. Use the #gg-resutls channel to report your results as soon as your match is over. The @Sub-Boss will react to the message letting you know the result is recorded. Please include the score and both player names. *Example: Player A beat Player B 2-0

Connectivity Rules

  • WIRED CONNECTION ONLY. Players found playing on a wireless connection will be removed.
  • Only one player per account.
  • Players can’t share accounts or play on the same console.
  • Players must have an upload speed above 3 Mbps and jitter under 6 ms. Connections can be checked at
  • Players may be required to by the @Boss or @Sub-Boss to provide a screenshot of their internet connection speeds as well as a picture of their network connection. If you do not cooperate upon request, you will be disqualified.
  • Notify @Boss or @Sub-Boss immediately if there are any connection issues with another player. Do not wait until the set is over. If players are unable to connect or the match is unplayable, the winner will be determined by coin flip or at the discretion of the @Sub-Boss or @Boss.

*US Only