Badmoon 23


Guilty Gear Strive

Prize Pool

Prize Pool


Entry Fee

Entry Fee


Start Time

Tournament Starts

Tournament Format


Double elimination




Number of participants

Registered Participants

1 Participants

Players per Team

Players per Team

1 Players

Prize Places

1st - $0 (50%)
2nd - $0 (30%)
3rd - $0 (20%)

Tournament Organizer


Tournament Rules

Badmoon GG Strive PC

Signups close at 5pm MST (62 player cap)

Bracket Starts at 6pm MST

US, Canada and Mexico Trinidad and Tobago


IF YOU ARE PLAYING IN MULTIPLE TOURNAMENTS AND HOLD UP BRACKET Do not be surprised if you end up being dq’d to losers in the interest of time. Everything will be handled here on Grilla. If you do not check into your match within 10 minutes you will be auto dq’d.

Questions can be directed to @Tournament Organizer in the TO Help Chat of the Discord