Arctic Ace Scrim Night

Arctic Ace Scrim Night

gamepad Apex
users 2 / 40 Participants

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Battle royale Stage

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Stage 1: Battle royale

Storm the Peak Scrim Events

Hello everyone! This is our first scrim night in preparation for the first couple online tournaments that we will be hosting for APEX LEGENDS! In preparation for this, we will be utilizing this ruleset and these details to prep some of you for how we will run the event.


  • Check in starts at 7:45 PM EST
  • Captains Meeting at 7:50 PM EST
  • First Map Start at 8:00PM EST
  • 5 minute intermissions in between each map
  • If you have a team of 3, you join in the next map if a team spot is available
  • 4 maps will be played this evening.
  • 2 on Storm’s Point
  • 2 on King’s Canyon


  • Must have a team of 3 in order to participate! (If you do not have a team or not enough players in your team, please utilize the #lft-scrims channel)
  • Please utilize appropriate team names.
  • AAE Scrim Voice Channels must be used (unless someone is playing from console)
  • No level cap
  • Scrims can be played on PC, Playstation, and Xbox.
  • Arctic Ace Esports will retain the right to disqualify a team if any form of cheating is suspected.

Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Cheating
  2. Hacking
  3. Ghosting
  4. Reverse boosting
  5. Smurfing
  6. Use of a 3rd party program that gives one player an unfair advantage over another.
  7. Key hacks, such as a Cronus Zen or Macros. Reverse boosting is defined as deliberately under-performing in games prior to tournament play to be placed in a lower tier lobby. Trolling, intentionally

Special Scrim Rules

  • No Targeting: You may not trail an opposing team from launch and land on their exact position.
  • You MAY land in the same vicinity (two teams land in Elysium but on opposite sides of the area).
  • This allows both teams to theoretically loot and have a fair fight. Remember, this is a friendly scrim. We don’t want you sitting out for 20 or so minutes right off the bat!

Discord Channels & Custom Lobby Rules

  • Banter is fine but please be chill 😉 Remember, we’re streaming this and we’d rather not kill the chat!
  • Please fill the lobby in numerical order and utilize the corresponding discord channel for comms. This is for the ease of casters & observers