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W. Snow
Racine, WI

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I'm Emperor__Snow. Real name, Webster S. I'm from Racine, WI. Ran numerous tournaments (& held admin positions) at a great number of FGC major events including (but not limited to): Frosty Fausting, Combo Breaker, EVO, Power Up, Midwest Championships, Seasons Beatings, Devastation (when those events were ran in AZ), Dreamhack (DH Austin), Raging Storm, and etc. Currently Ive been focusing on my own online FGC tournament series - Emperor's Challenge Tournaments (EMPCT!). Where the main focus is creating a competitive, fun, and rewarding $$ environment...for fighting games I actually think are amazing lol (inside joke since I always struggle to be impressed by/like newer fighting game). So my hopes with Grilla is to build a firm and lasting partnership. As a T.O, player, and community advocate. Bring more players to the Grilla tournament platform (site/app/brand). Run successful events both online and offline showcasing/promoting Grilla brand tournament platform/products. And to engage in community uplifting opportunities for both seasoned and upcoming fighting game/MOBA/hero shooter players.

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