XP EU MWII SND $200 GTD Kickoff Tournament

XP EU MWII SND $200 GTD Kickoff Tournament

gamepad Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
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Tournament Overview

Prize Pool- $200 paid out through PayPal following the event. 1st- $120 2nd- $60 3rd- $20 Will be adjusted for recipients currency -We will reach out to the winning team captains following the event for payout information.

SND tournament - Winners Bo3, losers Bo1. Grand finals- Bo5 with bracket reset. -Maps will be predetermined per round until finals (in ruleset). -Length of tournament will depend on number of teams (may finish Saturday if agreed on by players). -Results should be recorded by both teams following the match. -Reach out to team captains on discord or twitter to get lobbies set up. -You have 15 minutes following the conclusion of the remaining match to set up for the next round. -Make sure to have your DM’s open on twitter and discord. Make sure to check them at the conclusion of your match.

Roster information- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U9pzu4OfIja7gDJ789nk7Vf2Ta9UB6smPIsvGsROp0o/edit?usp=sharing

-This is a European Event. -League admins will reach out if your match is going to be streamed. -Please do not torch time

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Map set:

WR1: Map 1: Mercado Map 2: Hotel Map 3: El Asilo

LR1: Crown Raceway

WR2: Map 1: Embasy Map 2: Crown Raceway Map 3: Mercado

LR2: Hotel

WR3: Map 1: Hotel Map 2: Asilo Map 3: Raceway

WR4: Map 1: Raceway Map 2: Asilo Map 3: Mercado

LR3: Embassy

LR4: Asilo

Winners Semi’s: Map 1: Embasy Map 2: Hotel Map 3: Asilo

LR5: Raceway

LR6: Hotel

LR7: Embassy

Losers semi’s: Mercado

Winner & Loser finals (Bo3)- Map picks and bans (ban, ban, pick, pick, left over map for map 3) Winners finals- All 5 maps potentially played

Copy and paste the link below for the rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/104txP_cYjtWk1QJr-1vlcbt-Oe4aDigtMu2nQGzg1IU/edit?usp=sharing