USF4 Random All PC Online Tournament #7 9/17/22 Hosted By: UG| DJVest 4:30pm EST

USF4 Random All PC Online Tournament #7 9/17/22 Hosted By: UG| DJVest 4:30pm EST

gamepad Ultra Street Fighter 4

7 / 16 Participants

1st - 70%
2nd - 30%
Prize Pool
1st - 70
2nd - 30

Bracket & Seeding

Double elimination Stage

Tournament Overview


UG Discord:

Top 2 Payout

3rd Place: 5 points for the USF4 Season 6 PC Online Tournament Series

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Best 2 out of 3 (FT2 Set)

Best 3 out of 5 (FT3 Set) for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals

We will use the wheel on stream which character and ultra you get for each match

LAN Cable Only

USA/Canada Only

Training Stage Only

Turbo buttons are banned. If we see you using it, you will be DQ from the event

If your opponents doesn’t show up in 5 mins, they will be DQ and you get the win.

Untamed Gaming is committed to making our events an engaging and pleasant experience.

Though friendly ‘trash talk’ is allowed, we do not condone or allow personal attacks, harassment, hate speech, offensive slurs, or threats of any kind.

Any violations will result in an initial warning. Further violations will result in a timeout or ban at Untamed Gamings discretion. (Severe violations will result in instant ban)

Though we embrace the culture of competitive video gaming, we monitor our events to ensure we are giving the best possible experience for our viewers and competitors.

Collusion: In the event of players are found colluding or purposely performing at lower than potential and influencing tournament results. UG will follow strikes policy via judges evaluation.

1st Strike: Players will be given a verbal warning and will not acquire any points for the tournament

2nd Strike: Players will no longer be a part of able to complete at any UG events. All the points that was earned during this event will be voided.