USF4 2V2 Team PC Online Tournament 1/7/23 3pm EST (East/Mid Coast Bracket)

USF4 2V2 Team PC Online Tournament 1/7/23 3pm EST (East/Mid Coast Bracket)

gamepad Ultra Street Fighter 4

0 / 60 Participants



Tournament Overview

Stream: https//

UG Discord:



Payout will be divided for each player in their team

1st Place Team takes all

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

  • FT1 Set

  • Characters Lock for the whole tournament

  • Double Elimination

  • Pokemon Rules

  • Team A vs Team B

  • Player 1A vs Player 2A

  • If player 1A beats player 2A, player 2A is out and player 2B plays player 1A. If player 1A beats player 2B. Then Team B lost and goes to the losers bracket.

  • USA/Canada Players Only

  • Please us know who is in your team for the tournament!

  • LAN Cable Only

  • You have 5 mins to play and report your matches, if you don’t that. you will be DQ!

  • Turbo buttons are banned. If we see you using it, you will be DQ from the event

  • Button checks are only allowed in the character select (If you really must check in game, only one allowed per set)

  • Collusion: In the event of players are found colluding or purposely performing at lower than potential and influencing tournament results. UG will follow strikes policy via judges evaluation.

  • 1st Strike: Players will be given a verbal warning and will not acquire any points for the tournament

  • 2nd Strike: Players will no longer be a part of able to complete at any UG events. All the points that was earned during this event will be voided.