Training Ground's #2 Guilty Gear Strive Edition (PlayStation)

Training Ground's #2 Guilty Gear Strive Edition (PlayStation)

gamepad Guilty Gear Strive
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1st - 75%
2nd - 25%
Prize Pool
1st - 75
2nd - 25

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Add to the Prize Pool. Bigger prizes, bigger drama. Simple as that. Contributions close at on .

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Tournament Overview

LET’S ROECK! and get ready for “Training Grounds Guilty Gear Strive Edition” run on PlayStation with a 64-player cap join the fun and fight to be the best.

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

  1. players must join the discord
  2. Players must have strive on ps4/ps5
  3. tournament online legal stages: Lars Canon, Seventh Heaven District, Council of Three and A Happy Family
  5. Timer on 99
  6. best 3 out of 5
  7. Must be wired if WIFI is being used u will be banned
  8. Can only switch characters if you lose the round
  9. Registration ends 30 min before tournament starts.