Trackie D's Tides of Turmoil II - A Grilla-Powered Tournament Series


League of Legends

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Prize Pool


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Entry Fee


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Tournament Format


Round robin,Single elimination




Number of participants

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14 Participants

Players per Team

Players per Team

1 Players

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1st - $0 (100%)

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Tournament Rules

CAPTAIN YOUR FLAGSHIP - Smurfing is grounds for disqualification for this event. Your main account for the purpose of this event is your highest ranked League of Legends account. If you are not ranked, your main account will be your account with the highest summoner level or the highest rank based on previous seasons.

ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR - Any champion released, up to and including K’Sante, barring any gamebreaking bugs detected during the event, is eligible for play.

THE PIRATE’S CREED - To win a match in Trackie D’s Tides of Turmoil, you must achieve ONE of the following before your opponent:

  • 2 kills IF you score your first kill prior to 7:00
  • 1 kill IF no kills occur prior to 7:00
  • 100 CS
  • Destroying the first turret

CALL UPON THE FLEET - Recalling is allowed to purchase items and restore health/mana.

WALK THE PLANK - All combat will take place in Mid Lane. The jungle and side lanes are strictly off-limits and will result in a disqualification if you’re found to have entered these areas. Entering these areas includes moving into the area, or using abilities in those areas to gain unfair advantages.

FAMILIAR WATERS - All matches will take place on the NA Server. This event is only open to residents of the United States (exclusions apply in TN, LA, CT, MT, DE).