Thursday Night Block Party

Thursday Night Block Party

gamepad Street Fighter V

7 / 8 Participants

money $250 per participant
1st - $1,400
2nd - $400
3rd - $200
Prize Pool
1st - $1,400
2nd - $400
3rd - $200

Live Stream

Bracket & Seeding

Double elimination Stage

Tournament Overview

Our goal at Grilla is to empower the gaming community through innovation. We know how much time and resources gamers put into their passion and we think they should be able to compete for larger prizes. With our Fan Contribution Feature we can create more opportunities for gamers while bringing fans into the action.

Here’s how the tournament works:

  1. Entry fees are set at $250
  2. The prize pool is up to $2,000
  3. You can contribute to a players entry fee (similar to crowdfunding prize pools but the contribution goes directly to the players entry fee)
  4. If the player you contribute to places in the money, you will win up to 50% of the winnings which will instantly be sent to your Grilla wallet.

Example: John contributes $25 (10% of entry fee) to Mr. MadGear’s entry fee with a 50/50 split between players and fans. If Mr. MadGear wins $1,400 for first place, John will receive $70 (50% of 10% of the prize), Mr. MadGear receives $700 (50% of the 1st place prize).

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination


  • Player must satisfy the following requirements to participate in online matches:
  • A player must have a minimum of 10 Mbps download/upload speed. Ping: Must be less than 80. Jitter: Less Than 65ms.
  • Check-in 1 hour prior to scheduled match time.
  • A Player must have a account.
  • A Player must reside where PSN or Steam is available.
  • A player must have a PSN or Steam account.
  • All matches will be FT3.

*Players must join our discord and check in 1hr prior the event @6PM ECT under our #StreetFighterV channel.

Use the link below to join our discord: