The Women's Witness Series

The Women's Witness Series

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Tournament Overview

The Witness Series is brought to you by tournament organizers who are committed to bringing diverse and minority groups events catered to them within the gaming space.

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Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Battle royale

General Rules:

*If you sign up for these events, they are typically six matches long. Please do not leave early unless a valid reason has been given to the host. If you continuously sign up for these scrims and continuously leave early (3 times is the limit) without a valid reason, you will not be invited to play in the future. This is unfair to our other teams that want a full lobby and are committed to completing each event.

*There will be an image posted in the game-code chat along with the code itself - it will showcase where each team is supposed to be in the lobby itself. Please make sure to always go back to that team number for each match and rename your team to match what it is on the image in the game-codes channel.

*Please keep it professional, no Tea-bagging boxes or shooting boxes throughout the matches. This also includes offensive or aggressive communication in the lobby after each match. Some smack talk is fine but do not let it get to a toxic level

*If the event is utilising “Pick your drop spot location” You will choose and name your location in the team captains discord channel. Only two teams may choose the same location. You are allowed to choose a different free location if contested. If you are not contested, you MUST continue to use your landing location.

  • Competing teams must have at least (1) member of the team streaming and all members of the team must utilize the voice channel generator during the tournament matches. IF you are the player streaming we strongly recommend utilizing a minimum five (5) minute delay to avoid potential stream sniping.

  • Competitors may not quit out of a Match before it has ended and they have returned to the Game Lobby.

  • Competitors may not intentionally delay the start of a Match.

  • Competitors may not use any game-changing scripts or programs.

  • Competitors may not leave the normal boundaries of a map in a way that does not activate an “out-of-bounds” timer or other exploit that results in the Competitor being able to remain outside of the circle (in the orange) without taking damage.

  • Competitors may not exploit a game mechanic to enter and exit the 15-second “out-of-bounds” kill timer consecutively in the same area. Examples of this include repeatedly using a zipline, grapple, portal, balloon, or other character ability to repeatedly enter the same area that activates the “out-of-bounds” timer.

  • Competitors may not intentionally exploit one-sided textures on map geometry to block or avoid any incoming damage that would have otherwise connected without the exploited geometry

  • Competitors may not hide inside of map geometry.

  • Competitors may not intentionally hide behind invisible walls on the map.

  • Competitors may not fire their weapon while in the Downed state.

  • Competitors may not exploit a Legend’s ability in order to gain an unintended competitive advantage, including any exploit that may reduce the cooldown of a Legend’s Tactical or Ultimate abilities.

*It is up to the Host whether or not to cancel the rest of the event. There is to be no fighting based on their decision. Typically this will only happen if the servers are having issues, only a few teams showed up, or if the lobby itself needs to be reset. Examples of these exploits include:

  • Using Mirage’s Vanishing Act to enter the Downed state with the ability to fire a weapon.

  • Using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift & Void in combination to reduce the cooldown of Void after respawning.

  • Using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift to portal inside map geometry.

  • Using any exploit, bug, and/or glitch to reduce the cooldown on a Legend’s ultimate or tactical abilities. (edited)

  • Competitors may not exploit Weapon Inspect or Reload glitches in order to increase a weapon’s rate of fire.

Examples of this rule are:

  • Using the Weapon Inspect feature to cancel weapon animations.

  • Starting a weapon reload and quickly swapping weapons back to the original weapon.

  • Competitors are responsible for their equipment and network connection throughout the tournament.

  • Competitors and Teams may not receive coaching during active match gameplay. The coach is allowed to be in the same voice chat as the competitors but must be muted until the game is over or the team has been eliminated

  • Communication of any kind between a Competitor and anyone other than a Competitor on their Team may be construed as coaching.

  • Competitors may not in any way communicate with other Competitors, with the exception of other Competitors on their own Team, during the tournament.

  • Competitors may not utilize any third party applications or programs that may impact gameplay or give them an advantage over other Competitors.

  • Competitors may use a keyboard and mouse, a PlayStation controller, or an Xbox controller when competing in this event.

  • Competitors may not utilize macros or scripts that result in actions, either in a series or simultaneously, to be executed in the game.