Striving for Progress #9

Striving for Progress #9

gamepad Guilty Gear Strive
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Tournament Overview

A weekly tournament series for those who have ascended past beginner level but are still far from challenging the best of the best. Test your skills against other intermediate players in a less ruthless environment than the typical online weekly.

The only criteria to join:

Your peak ELO rating on should be less than 1800.

Please sign up using your Discord name to save time and avoid confusion.

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Write in #disputes on the EMEA Discord if you can’t find your opponent or run into connectivity issues. Opponents reported missing will be DQ’ed after 10 minutes.

This tournament is in a Double Elimination format.

The entire bracket is FT3/BO5, including Winners, Losers and Grand Finals.

Loser can change character.

All participants are required to have no more than 150 MS and 4 rollback to central Europe and be part of the EMEA region.

Wireless connections (Wi-Fi) are not permitted, please use an ethernet cable.

4G/5G routers are not permitted.

Players have to update the scores on Challonge themselves after playing a match.