Omega Prime #5

Omega Prime #5

gamepad Omega Strikers

4 / 16 Participants


Bracket & Seeding

Double elimination Stage

Tournament Overview

Welcome to Omega Prime #5! (West)

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This will be a Double Elimination tournament with a prize of $150 ($50 per player) for 1st place!

For this tournament Odyssey will also be providing 600 Ody Points per player for 2nd place and 300 Ody Points per player for 3rd!

The tournament will be streamed at

Casters: Coyne & [Carter]

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Please check the full tournament rules before registering by clicking Here

Format: Double Elimination. All sets are Best of 3 EXCEPT Top 4 (Winners Finals, Losers Semis, Losers Finals, Grand Finals) which is Best of 5. Bracket reset is in effect for Grand Finals.

This is an Western region tournament. This means that your team may have a maximum of one Non-Western NA player. This will ensure that the game selects NA West servers so that everybody is competing on as even a playing field as possible.

Signups for this tournament are capped at 16 teams and first come first serve.