Multiversus BETA MADNESS

Multiversus BETA MADNESS

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Tournament Overview

Beta Tournament for all future WoC Themed Events

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Format: Double Elimination Match: Best of Three(3) until Top 8 Matches occurring in the Top 8 will be best of five(5) games Timer: Default Stage Hazards: On Duplicate characters per team are NOT allowed Perks: All are legal

The losing AND winning team of the preceding Match may choose to change characters and/or perks. If they choose to change their characters, the winning team must choose their characters first.

Any pre-Game procedure should not be constrained by any in-game countdown timers or UI. If the Game procedure cannot be completed to both teams’ satisfaction due to the time expiring in the UI, players can elect to quit out and restart the pre-Game procedure.