K7 Season 6: OPEN QUALIFIER #1


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Prize Pool

Prize Pool


Entry Fee

Entry Fee


Start Time

Tournament Starts

Tournament Format


Single elimination



Cross platform

Number of participants

Registered Participants

15 Participants

Players per Team

Players per Team

5 Players

Prize Places

1st - $200 (100%)

Tournament Organizer

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Tournament Rules

K7 Official Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hWcirR4HbW04-Cw3rqt-Ff1K66ppTJPlG_RVrF_p7fs/edit?usp=sharing
-T4 within this event will automatically receive ENTRY into the season starting April 17th 2023.
-Event Starts: 7pm EST
-Best-of 5 CDL Variant (Pro GAs)
-Rosters can be viewed via the 🆔#events-roster channel on DISCORD
-Report final match scores via the ✅#report-match-score channel in the tourney area on DISCORD.