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Double elimination




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Entry: FREE

Platform: PC only

Start Time: 8PM EST

Requirements: Join the Gates of Heaven Discord for the duration of the registration and the tournament. Make sure to equip the Tournament role in #roles.

Stream: sakii_VVS

Tournament Format Bracket format: Double Elimination Set format: Best of five matches / First to three wins (Bo5/Ft3)

DQ timers: Adjusted as necessary

Internet Connectivity While an ethernet connection is not required, it is highly recommended in order to not risk a DQ as a result of a failed connection test (see below). Ideally, players should have an upload speed above 5 Mbit/s and jitter under 6 ms. Connections can be checked at cloudflare.com. If any connection issues arise during a set, a player may call for a Tournament Organizer to perform a connection test. This must be done before the set is over. If the set is completed before a connection test is called, the results of that set will stand regardless of the outcome of the connection test. The connection test will prioritize, in this order, The player with the ethernet connection The player with the clearly better result on cloudflare.com (MAKE SURE TO NOT POST OR BLURRY OUT YOUR IP ADDRESS!) The player located in the US, Canada or Mexico (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

Any subjects, conflicts or other matters not covered by the ruleset will be determined by the Tournament Organizers in their sole discretion. Any remaining questions may be asked via DMs to the tournament organizers or through the Gates of Heaven Discord.

Game: Guilty Gear Strive in its current and most recent version, including any new characters and balance updates. Platform: Crossplay Matches: Best of 3 rounds / First to 2 round wins (default setting of the game) Sets: Best of 5 matches / First to 3 match wins (Bo5/Ft3) for all matches Timer: 99 seconds (default setting of the game) Character Switch: The winner of the preceding game must keep the same character. The loser may switch if desired. Stage Legality: All stages are legal, though to prevent lag caused by lower end systems, the stages listed below are recommended: Lars Canyon Seventh Heaven District 12-Dimensional Flux Observatory “A Happy Family” Council of Three