Havoc Esports x Grilla | 5v5 Valorant Tournament #1

Every Match besides the Winners Grand Finals will be a single match score to 13 like normal. The Grand finals will have a bracket reset if the losing team wins the first BO3 series.



Prize Pool

Prize Pool


Entry Fee

Entry Fee


Start Time

Tournament Starts

Tournament Format


Double elimination




Number of participants

Registered Participants

3 Participants

Players per Team

Players per Team

6 Players

Prize Places

1st - $75 (60%)
2nd - $50 (40%)

Tournament Organizer

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Tournament Rules

The higher seeded team will host the match. Teams may decide to play on different servers, as long as this is mutually agreed upon PRIOR to the match.

Single game will be played until grand finals which will be a bo3 with bracket reset if reached. Every other match including losers final is a single game. The only BO3 is the Grand Final.

Lobby Setup— Map is up to discussion with opponent. The lobby host (higher seed) is responsible for correct game mode settings: Under Options: Tournament mode” ON - THIS IS IMPORTANT! “Overtime: Win by Two” ON “Allow Cheats” OFF “Play Out All Rounds” OFF “Hide all Match History” OFF “Standard”