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Hart is testing features :)

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Tournament Overview

ILH Events EU Wild Open Tournament This tournament will take place on the EU server. This tournament is in WILD format. You may participate from any region, but a collection is needed on the EU server. Registration opens 2 weeks before the tournament starts. See rules section for critical information.

Wild! Yes, this Open is in Wild! So please, don’t bring just standard decks! Throw some wild cards in there! Just a few commons + rares isn’t gonna break the bank! Plus, you could have FUN!! Madness I know, Wild is this crazy format people moan about, so how can you have fun? Well, we’re gonna find out! Hop in for some chill games, some silly discoveries, and maybe even a laugh or 2!

Format - Swiss In Swiss format, you play a number of rounds determined by the number of players (64 players, 6 rounds, 128 players, 7 rounds). You play in all of these rounds, you are not out of the tournament after a loss. Each round, you will be matched up against someone with the same score as you, unless there is no one available, then the most appropriate opponent will be found. Tie breakers are determined by the HCT Tiebreaker System, which is explained here: https://help.battlefy.com/en/articles/3367583-swiss-tie-breaker-formats. Battlefy works out tiebreakers automatically. In a tournament with just Swiss, the winners will be determined after all matches are completed in the last round. In a tournament with a Single Elimination Play-off, the top 8 players after the Swiss portion are seeded in a single elimination bracket. In a tournament with 64 players, the Top 8 will have scores of: 1 x 6-0; 6 x 5-1; 1 x 4-2. In a tournament with 128 players, the Top 8 will have scores of: 1 x 7-0; 7 x 6-1.

Format - Single Elimination Play-offs After the Swiss portion, the Top 8 players will be seeded into a Single Elimination bracket. The losing player of each match will be eliminated, with the last player remaining getting 1st place and the losing player of the last match getting 2nd. The 2 losing players of the quarter-finals (top 4) will compete in another match, with the winner getting 3rd.

Prizes There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. For more information see the Prizes Tab.

Tips for Players New to Tournaments / General Good Sport Things Always be polite to your opponent, and be on time to your match. If you have to step away and you are already matched up, tell your opponent and be as quick to return as you can. It’s good practice to screenshot your wins! In the event that there is a game score dispute, if you are able to provide a screenshot of your win, you are more likely to be awarded the win. This is a low stakes, just for some fun tournament, but remember that we’re human and we don’t always like to lose! Please don’t taunt or rub your win in. Mirroring that, be a good loser, it’s just for fun, and try to be happy for your opponent getting the win.

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Single elimination

Best of 3 Swiss format followed by Top 8 playoffs. Open deck lists.

Each player brings 3 decks (unique classes), with 1 deck being banned by their opponent.

Once you win with a deck you cannot queue that deck again, first player to win with all of their decks wins. The losing player may queue with the same deck or another deck, if one is available.

Once you have finished your match, you will be paired up with an opponent with a similar game score. Do not leave if you lose Round 1!

After the Swiss portion, the 8 top performing players will play in a single elimination playoff bracket.

If you would like to drop out of the tournament, please contact an admin before you go. The best way is to message us in the ILH Events discord.

In the event of an incorrectly queued deck, the player at fault will get a warning. The second time this occurs it will result in an automatic game loss

Banned Cards: Zayle, Shadow Cloak. Whizbang the Wonderful

Maestra of the Masquerade is no longer banned for this event. In the event of a player queuing an invalid or banned deck whilst they have a Rogue deck containing Maestra of the Masquerade, players should remain in the game until a class card has been played to confirm that the player is playing a valid deck. If either player leaves the game before a class card has been played to confirm the deck was valid, that player will be issued a game loss.

In the event of a dispute, the admins decision on the matter is final.

Playing in 2 tournaments simultaneously (both this Open and another tournament) will get you removed from this event.

ILH Events has a zero tolerance policy on abusive behaviour aimed at other players or admins, and such behaviour may lead to you being removed from the current and/or future events

Join the Discord so we can contact you and you can contact Admins: https://discord.gg/SCsTj6b If opponent does not show within 10 minutes, contact an Admin. If no response is received within a further 5 minutes, you will be granted the win. We have no problems with you streaming the Tournament, we actively encourage this! We do recommend the use of a 5-10 min delay to eliminate the (small) chance of stream sniping, but this is not a requirement. Prizes will be sent out within 3-5 days after the admins have messaged you. Players can report their own score.