Elder God Championship: Sonya Qualifier

Elder God Championship: Sonya Qualifier

gamepad Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

4 / 128 Participants


Live Stream

Bracket & Seeding

Double elimination Stage

Tournament Overview

Registration Restrictions

  • You MUST join the discord in order to participate. This is where you report scores, find out if you will be fighting on stream, and communicate with your opponents

  • Only players who have not won any other qualifiers can participate in this tournament.


  • Top 3 from each qualifier will receive Demi God, God, and Elder God Medals in the mail to showcase that they are the best with this character

  • 1st place will represent this character in the elder God Championship Finale

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination

Qualifier Rules

  • Tournament format is Double Elimination and will be best 3 out of 5 (First to 3)

  • You must use the same character, stated in the title , for the entirety of this tournament

  • The stage is to always be set as random. If Both Players agree to not play on a stage, then a re-randomized or an agreed upon map may be played on.

  • You must have a wired connection and be NA (NO WIFI ALLOWED)