Crossing Fire Into The Fates #6

Crossing Fire Into The Fates #6

gamepad Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
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Tournament Overview

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination


Platform: PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5

  1. ALL Tournament formats are a Best-of-5 [Meaning winning 3-out of-5 games] including Winner, Loser & Grand Finals

  2. The Winner must stick with their team at All times Except

a. You lose a game but not the set

b. Your Character gets Astral’d OR

c. You’re finished with your set

  1. Taking a page out of Ralston Arcade’s book: Permadeath Astral Rules: If your character gets Astral Finished, they are Dead! No Resurrection of the Dead [Monster Reborn], No Call of the Haunted. You can’t pick them for the rest of the Tournament

  2. Check-Ins will start one day before the tournament begin [8/27 at 7:30 PM EST]

  3. Registration will cut off 5 minutes before the tournament starts. So, if you’re interested & free, be sure to register when you have the chance

  4. Discord is Mandatory for easier communication, so be sure you’re in our discord server at All times when we call you for your match

  5. If your match gets called, you will be pinged & Lucky will send you the Search ID for the room. You have 5 minutes to show up to your match. Failure to show up will result in an Automatic Loss so be on the lookout for your match when being called up

  6. Wi-Fi is Banned regardless of the circumstances, this is a Wired tournament; The use of Wi-Fi will result in an Automatic DQ, please advise an Admin or Moderator of the situation. Do Not play your match until further notice, be sure to have evidence or screenshots of your opponent using Wi-Fi & the Admin or Moderator will make a ruling. If you fail to provide evidence or falsely accuse the other party of using Wi-Fi, then the accused will be cleared of all charges & the accuser will be Disqualified for the rest of the tournament

  7. The Tourney will be streamed exclusively live on LuckyNaegi’s Twitch channel: LuckyNaegi - Twitch

  8. If you have any questions or concerns in regard to this tourney, please ask LuckyNaegi & he’ll will be able to answer as soon as possible