CCE UCX $100 Wednesday Apex Scrim

CCE UCX $100 Wednesday Apex Scrim

gamepad Apex

0 / 40 Participants

1st - $25
2nd - $15
3rd - $15
4th - $15
5th - $15
6th - $15
Prize Pool
1st - $25
2nd - $15
3rd - $15
4th - $15
5th - $15
6th - $15

Open Registration

Registration opens at

Tournament Overview

All participants must join our Discord Server to participate:

Apex Legends Discord Server:

Tournament Format:

High Tier Lobby:

  • Start Time: 8 PM EST
  • Check ins: Open all day, only day of the event (Discord Server check ins)
  • Winners of each game receive $15.00 USD
  • Winners of game 6 receive $25.00 USD

Low Tier Lobby:

  • Start Time: 8 PM EST
  • Check ins: Open all day, only day of the event (Discord Server check ins)
  • Top 5 teams progress into High Tier Scrim bracket

General Information:

  • 3 World’s Edge, 3 Storm Point (NA East Coast Servers)
  • ALGS Scoring
  • Scrims are generally around 3 hours long
  • Codes & Leaderboard links are sent through Discord Server only

Additional CCE UCX Scrim Rules:

  • Revenant is Banned in Scrims for quality of matches
  • Leaving scrims early will result in a 2 week ban unless your team receives approval from your host to abandon the scrim for any reason.
  • Performing poorly in scrims is not a good enough reason for teams to leave and ruin the events competitive integrity

Anti W-Key / APE Rule:

  • Max KP Cap: 12
  • After 14 kills in a single match, for each kill, said team will receive -2 points towards their score.
  • This rule is in place to prevent ‘brainless’ W keying in scrims and instead, promote playing for end game.
  • You may still push fights and play edge cases as long as your squad doesn’t go over 14 kills in a single scrims match.

Sorting Players into ‘Tiers’:

  • The way we sort players into ‘High Tier’ and ‘Low Tier’ is completely based on previous placements in our events. Every team (unless notable) starts in ‘Low Tier’. If said team places top 5, said team will move on to play ‘High Tier’ until placed bottom 5 in ‘Low Tier’.

  • If you are a CC Finalist Team, Tournament Winners, or Pro Team message to get instantly put into High Tier.

Team Sorting Sheet:

Disclaimer: We do our best in sorting players based on their previous placements and in game ranks! Keep in mind, with this system, very good teams who are new to our events will sometimes end up in ‘Low Tier’ as their first scrim with CCE UCX.

Joining THIS CCE UCX Scrim:

  • First step, is to create a team inside of this website and invite your team into it
  • Go to the event page that you are looking to join and click “register”
  • After you register, wait until the day of the event and check in inside of our Discord Server.
  • Patiently wait for us to release the codes in the ‘scrim codes’ Discord channel.
  • Codes will be released at around 8:00pm EST or 8:05pm EST after the seeding takes place.

Disclaimer: Checking in and then not participating will result in a 2 week suspension from all CCE UCX events

Scrim & Event Access Pass:

  • ‘Scrim Access Pass’ and ‘Event Access Pass’ Discord / Website members, get priority spots above all other teams in our scrims. Even teams that check in early and ahead of others may be kicked down into the wait-list if a team with either pass requests to be put in the event.

  • The ‘Event Access Pass’ also grants access to $1,000 weekend ‘OPEN’ and ‘SOLO QUE’ tournaments that take place 3-4 times a month.

  • Subscribe inside of our Discord server or on our website!

If you have any further questions that need answering, then you may ask our Discord Management Team.

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Battle royale