CBT's New Year's Warzone Bracket Run


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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Prize Pool


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Entry Fee


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Round robin,Single elimination



Cross platform

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Players per Team

2 Players

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Tournament Rules


Players must queue in SBMM. Players will be split into two groups. The Round Robin will determine seeding for the Single Elimination Bracket. Each player will have 3 runs per round in bracket play. Higher scoring player wins the round and moves on. CBT’s general tournament rules apply.


Wins- 10 points

Kills- 1 point

Placement- 1st- 10 points, 2nd- 9 points, 3rd- 8 points, 4th- 7 points, 5th- 6 points, 6th- 5 points, 7th- 4 points, 8th- 3 points, 9th- 2 points, 10th- 1 point