CBT Gettin Gluey on Labs!

CBT Gettin Gluey on Labs!

gamepad Escape from Tarkov

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Tournament Overview

Points Race Tournament $5 Entry Per Team

Maps allowed: Labs in OFFLINE MODE!!! Play time will be 2 hours.

Players get points by killing Gluhkar, Guards, Raiders, and Scavs.

No gear restrictions

Players can run as many raids as possible within the allotted time limit.

** Any raids that fall outside of the end time will not count. If a player doesn’t make it out before time has expired, that raid is forfeited.

Points Breakdown

Gluhkar- 10 Points Gluhkar’s Guards- 5 Points Raiders- 3 Points Scavs- 1 Point

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Swiss

Rules are located in our Discord channel.