Beginning of a Journey #13 West Region Tourney

Beginning of a Journey #13 West Region Tourney

gamepad Street Fighter V
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Tournament Overview

Discord: Twitch:

WINNER TAKES $25 1st place, $10 2nd place (Pot Start)

West Region Double Elimination Tourney!

  • 8:30pm PT start time, 30 minutes check in beforehand
  • FT2 brackets, FT3 grand finals
  • Wired connection preferred
  • Sign up with the CFN the same as username
  • States from Tx up to North Dakota and West are all eligible to play
  • PC/PS players are allowed
  • NA Players only allowed to enter tourney
  • If opponent does not respond to match invites within 5 minutes, theyre liable to receive a forfeit loss for said round/s
  • Join the discord or twitch chat to get in contact with opponents, or send their CFN an invite
  • If any issues arise, contact HYPNOSZ1S in discord or twitch chat
  • Winners will be awarded their prize on the Matcherino website
  • Have Fun <3

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination