AWG's League of Legends Qualifier #2 12/14

AWG's League of Legends Qualifier #2 12/14

gamepad League of Legends

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money $25 per participant

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Bracket & Seeding

Swiss Stage

Matches will be regenerated when a new tournament participant registers.

Tournament Overview

All World Gaming presents this week’s first qualifying option into our Weekend Cash Cup!

Qualifier Stage:

Consists of as many matches as the amount of teams will call for in a Swiss format (7 max), over the course of 1 day. All teams will play each other once in a best of one format.

The first place and second place teams will move forward onto the prized event, scheduled for Saturday; and the remaining 6 teams will enter a redemption bracket, scheduled for Friday.

Of the 12 teams to participate in the redemption bracket, the 4 worst performing teams will be sent home.

Teams that are tied for a ranking will be determined by the accumulative round differential from their performance specific to the redemption bracket.

Differential is scored as the higher numeric value ranking in numeric sequence; 2 being better than 1 and so forth.

If the round differential between 2 teams are identical, the teams will face off in a best of 1 single elimination match to determine the final ranking.

If the round differential between 3 or more teams are identical, the teams will face off in one additional round of Swiss style format against each other to determine the winner by the new round differential. This will continue until there is a clearly defined winner.

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Swiss