AEG Titan Series Qualifier #1

AEG Titan Series Qualifier #1

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Tournament Overview

Welcome to Aspyre Events Group’s (AEG) Titan Series

AEG’s Titan Series is a monthly series that consists of 4 Apex Legends Events. These events will happen once a week, on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM EST, and will be fully produced/casted.

The first 4 events will be considered qualifiers. The team that finishes first place (in each qualifier) will be rewarded $30, and the top 5 teams (from each qualifier) will qualify for the main event.

The main event, hosted on Thursday Dec 29th at 8 PM EST, will only be accessible to those teams that qualified by placing top 6 in one of the first 3 events. Seeing as there will only be 18 teams in the final event (6 from each qualifier = 18) the last 2 team spots will be filled by Aspyre Entertainment’s Apex Legends rosters. Aspyre Entertainment’s Apex Legends rosters are NOT eligible to claim the cash prizes, and the next highest-placed team will receive the money for the placement that has been earned by Aspyre Entertainment’s Apex Legends roster.

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Battle royale

Qualifier Rules:

Server: Iowa Game Mode: Battle Royale (4 Games) Map: World’s Edge/ Storm Point Match Length: 25-30 Minutes per game Scoring: 1st - 12 points each kill = 1 point 2nd - 9 points 3rd - 7 points 4th - 5 points 5th - 4 points 6th-7th - 3 Points 8th-10th - 2 Points 11th-15th - 1 Point 16th-20th - 0 Points

Lobby Size: 20 Teams Max Team Members: 5 (After the Check-In are no Member-changes allowed)


Check ins are open one hour prior to the tournament in the AEG discord.

All codes are sent to your team captains via discord in the “Captain” channel by the host of your lobby. The code is sent around an hour before the tournament starts.

Once your team is in the lobby you will wait patiently for the Admin to start the match, repeatedly asking the Admin to hurry up or start the match will result in your team being removed from the lobby.

There will be a 5-10 minute grace period in between games in order for players to rejoin the lobby.

Disconnects If a player fails to join the match because of connectivity issues, the match will be restarted. If the issue persists, a substitution will be called in to replace the player that disconnects. Except in the case of a disconnect, Substitutions may only occur in between Matches or before a Match.

Leaving the match after dying and failing to reconnect the next game will not pause the tournament. We recommend never leaving the private match during the tournament since bugs in private matches are inevitable.

Please be in the lobby on time, we will set 5 minute timers between games and that is your window to join the lobby. If failed to join the lobby do not ask for restarts as we cannot delay the tournament to wait for teams.

Disqualification To keep tournaments as efficient as possible, we reserve the right to disqualify teams. Any team found to be using a known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit. If the team is found to use another known exploit for a second time and it is determined to have been done on purpose they will be removed from the event and barred from any future events. Betting during the tournament (by a player, team, or on behalf of anyone associated with the team) is off limits. Those partaking will be disqualified from the event. The intentional use of any bugs, cheats, glitches, or errors in the game is strictly forbidden and will be penalized. Being caught hacking / scripting / macroing will result in a permanent ban from all of our future events. Being caught sabotaging the tournament will result in a DQ or Ban, for example: leaving a match and asking the host to restart it or intentionally throwing for other teams’ benefit, even if the other team is not aware of this (feeding points).

Casting / Streaming Streaming of games is permitted for all games from an individual player perspective. If a team/org wants to request a stream, they must request permission from AEG prior to the match. If a team/org is casting or streaming without permission, we reserve the right to disqualify that team/org.