AEG Titan Series 2.0

AEG Titan Series 2.0

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Battle royale Stage

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Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Battle royale

Date: January 19th, 7PM EST Entry Fee: 20$ USD Server: Iowa Game Mode: Battle Royal (4 games) Maps: 2 on World’s Edge, 2 on Stormpoint Match Length: 30 minutes per game Scoring: Each kill worth 1 point 1st: 12 points 2nd: 9 points 3rd: 7 points 4th: 5 points 5th: 4 points 6th-7th: 3 points 8th-10th: 2 points 11th-15th: 1 point 16th-20th: 0 points

Prizing: 1st: 250$ 2nd: 90$ 3rd: 60$

Lobby Size: 20 Teams Max Team size: 5 (Min 3 starters + 2 subs)


1. Match Join Process

After Registering for an event on you must check in within an hour of event start. All lobby codes are sent to your team captains via #captains text channel. Once your team is in the lobby please check the #lobby-roster text channel to find which lobby slot your team is in. There will be a 5 minute break in between games, for the duration of the tournament we request you do not leave the lobby.

2. Disconnects

If players from 2 or more teams get disconnected prior to the first circle the match will be restarted. If only one team has player(s) disconnect the game will continue. In between games teams are allowed to substitute players so long as they are on your roster. Emergency substitutions of players not on your roster is forbidden. In the case your team has fewer then 3 players you may continue in the tournament at a disadvantage. Please be early for the first match, if you are late the lobby will only be held for 5 extra minutes past game time. Please do not leave the lobby until the conclusion of the 4th game.

3. Disqualification

AEG Reserves the right to disqualify/ban any team violating tournament rules without refund

Any team found to be using an in-game exploit will first be given a warning. Further exploitation can result in a ban from AEG tournaments. Hacks, cheats or any third party software or hardware is strictly forbidden. If you suspect a player/team using exploits or hacks please contact an AEG staff member immediately. With reasonable suspicion AEG may request a PC check, monitor cam, or task manager stream. Failing to submit to a check or cheating beyond reasonable doubt will result in a ban from all AEG events. Anyone caught sabotaging the tournament will result in a disqualification. DO NOT leave the lobby while the match is still ongoing. Any “feeding” or intentional throwing will result in a ban from all AEG tournaments.

4. Casting / Streaming

Personal steaming of your point of view is permitted and encouraged. If you want your stream promoted on the main stream please inform an AEG staff member. Do not forget to add a stream delay.